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Neurozapper is a simple tDCS device, however reliable, powerful and compact.

Neurozapper-Original is the first commercial version of tDCS device from Neurozapper™, manufactured in the UK by Gladius Electronics. It was launched in the 2nd quarter of 2015, to supply an increasing demand for reliable and affordable tDCS devices.

The latest version 8, which has better enhancements than its predecessors.

Neurozapper-Original is a basic tDCS device, however powerful and compact. It really delivers the current showed, so user discretion is advised!

tDCS - what is it and how does it work?

tDCS - Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Modern tDCS is a technique of stimulating the brain with low direct current, usually the frontal lobe area. It works by applying direct low current (around of 2.5ma for about 15-30min long sessions) through the skull using a set of two terminal electrodes, one being the negative (Cathode) and the other the positive (Anode) in specific key points, usually during a demanding task that the subject wants to increase performance in.

The aim is to enhance brain capability, focus, memory and other mental functions, or even to alleviate certain types of mental conditions, such as ADHD and depression.

How tDCS really works

One of the theories around the effects of tDCS, is the ‘jamming’ theory. Some scientists believe that when an external direct low current crosses the brain between 2 points, it causes the thinking pattern related to that area of the brain and that is being used at that moment, to be jammed, overloaded. When that happens, the brain, which is super dynamic, will try to establish new connections to overcome the distraction, and doing so, it has the potential to increase brain capacity in some aspects, during and after the exercise. After a while it’s possible that new neuron paths are retained and added to the existing paths, making that routine stronger. This idea is reinforced by the finds of several scientific experiments performed, which analyze gains on performance of individuals during and after the tDCS practice. There is a consistent increase in capabilities, with some retained permanently and others being temporary. 

We think that the brain for that matter can be exercised like a muscle, in simple terms, that when exercised to perform, it gets stronger, it builds more muscle lines and more strength comes from that. Exercising the brain by methods such as the tDCS, can unfold more capacity of thinking than we have ever dreamt of.

The difficulty then comes, how to find the desirable and best pathways that suit your desire. Even so science tells us that the brain has specific patterns which are shared between us all, the brain is still unique in many ways, like a thumb print, and specific pathways have to be experimented and worked on individually, there is no ‘one size fits all’ in this science.

Finally, experiments across the World, have consistently shown the potential of the technique. To different degrees, increase in mental capacity, focus and learning were documented and recognized. It has shown us that we might be into something very interesting, perhaps at the beginning of one of those unique moments in human history, when the human brain made a huge leap forward. This simple technique today can be the starter of the development of our mental capacity in a near future.

We need to become smarter fast!

Only 40% of all Worlds’ population has access or used the Internet at some point. Only less than half of those have regular Internet access. From the regular Internet users, 49 out of 50 complain that at some point they are overwhelmed and have considerable difficulty in using some applications.

85% of all our technology in use today was invented in the last 50 years!

Less than 10% of the World’s population has a better understanding of the ‘principles’ of complex technologies. However, only a fraction of them, less than 2%, can implement, replicate or develop upgrades for complex technologies, including apps development for example. In other words, complex technologies are being developed by less than 2% of the whole World’s population, and only 10% can understand and use them.

It is clear that humans today are being swarmed by technology, either by the smartphones popularization revolution or by countless other technological improvements surrounding us.

Who is going to use and understand the smart technology the smarter among us are developing?

This is the biggest question we should be asking ourselves today! Perhaps the financial economic issues we face today are not due to miscalculations alone, but also due to the lack of understanding of technicians of our institutions and companies how to utilize, combine and cope with the revolutionary technology we are being exposed to. We may be entering a period of mental stagnation, our mental biological development takes time, hundreds of years and generations, so how can we become smarter faster to cope?

We either become smarter, or our future generations may become just simple spectators of our current technological achievements. Humans have been here before, for example the theory that suggests that the pyramids were designed by a very small smart elite, which owned and understood specific technological practices that are now lost. The pyramids therefore could very well have been built by many hands, however, they could have had their real purpose understood only by very few. And when this elite died, their technological developments died with them and were lost forever. Even today, we wouldn't be able to replicate the pyramids, or fully understand their purpose, so it’s clear that there was a higher technological achievement involved that is gone and we don’t comprehend it yet.

As a species we are struggling to cope with the entire new brain stimulus, in fact, studies have suggested that the Worldwide IQ has peaked, and it has not got a chance to follow the World’s technological pace.

‘Smarter World, Smarter you!’

Technologies such as tDCS can help to empower people to stimulate themselves to achieve more, to perform better and learn faster! This can be a shortcut to increase human brain performance in all aspects, an alternative to our natural development that takes decades and generations of biological improvements.

We believe wearable ‘neuro-gadgets’, as we call them, will be in a near future an everyday reality, and most people will be utilizing them to exercise their brain, like a mental gym exercise to empower themselves mentally.

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USER discretion is advised!

Users are recommended to do their own risk assessment prior to using the Neurozapper-Original!

tDCS considerations and known side effects

tDCS stands for ‘Transcranial direct current stimulation’, it works by passing a low direct current, usually below 2.5mA through key parts of the brain using 2 or more electrodes, with the intention of improving performance or helping to alleviate conditions of neurological origin. tDCS is still an experimental technology, however, finds of its effectiveness are very promising for its future as an alternative therapy or performance enhancing technology.

tDCS is considered safe technology up to this date.

There are numerous neuroscience research labs and well known Universities across the World involved in tDCS research and its neurological benefits, especially as a mental performance booster. Results, however, may vary depending on individuals' chemistry, thickness of the skin and skull, as well as types of device, current amount and types of electrodes used.

Skin irritation and/or skin burns can occur under some conditions, such as inadequate electrodes conductivity, over use, very sensitive skin or bad quality electrodes.

Gel pad electrodes may present higher risks for skin irritation than sponge electrodes due to their limited lifespan.

Sponge electrodes bigger than 1½ Inch or 4cms are known to be less precise in targeting, and perhaps less effective.

Never over use electrodes and always look for good quality supplies to avoid skin irritation.

The device

Neurozapper-Original is NOT a medical device, use it at your own risk!

The Neurozapper-Original is a basic tDCS device. It generates currents below 2.5mA, its power during use is below 30mW and its running voltage is around 15v on average.

The current level for the tDCS practice, types of electrodes or its pattern of use are the users’ discretion. It is recommended however, that users follow existing published research and studies data available, as guidance for best practices and possible patterns.

Neurozapper-original is designed to be used as a self-research tool into tDCS as well as an accessory for gaming enthusiasts, sports, or for other purposes that its users may benefit from.

Neurozapper™ does not claim that its tDCS products guarantee to improve mental performance, to alleviate or treat any brain condition, to provide focus or any other brain function benefits!


Neurozapper Original design patent pending 2015

Neurozapper sponge electrode Original system patent pending 2016