Neurozapper-Original 8 is a compact tDCS device. It is based on the original tDCS system but it has unique advanced features and improvements, which makes it stand out as one of the top commercial tDCS gadgets.


Neurozapper-ORIGINAL 8 is a simple to use device built to last with enhanced functions from its earlier versions. It features a built-in accurate ammeter and a large LED digital screen. It has major upgrades such as a complete new motherboard design and electronics and smarter power system.

neurozapper ORIGINAL 8 features


Extended battery life

It works with only two 9v regular batteries for all functions.

Large screen

The Original comes with a large 5 x 2.5cm / 3½ blue light LCD DC LED panel display screen.


Accurate ammeter

The digital ammeter's accuracy is +/-0.5%, readings are shown in milliamps.

Display switch

It has a separate switch for the display for power management and silent use.


Stabilized power

The Neurozapper ORIGINAL cames with a stabilized power supply, which is capable to supply up to 2.5mA in average conditions*.

Variable current

The current is controlled by a precise control dial, in which the user can chose the most comfortable current.


Electronic safety

neurozapper has an electronic safety feature which caps the output current to below 3.5mA.

Instructions and guarantee

The Zappers' warranty is one year from the purchase date, it also comes with a user guide for basic tasks and suggestions for best performance.

Neurozapper Sponge Electrode Original kit


Sponge electrodes Original kit


Universal, more precise tDCS, better targeting.

There are 2 different sizes of sponge electrodes on this kit, 30x30mm and 20x20mm, the smaller size of the electrodes makes it better to target areas during the tDCS and for that reason better to draw more conclusive results of the stimulation.

The sponge electrode system is universal to most tDCS devices using 3.5mm power leads. 

Our tests have shown that the best performing sponge electrode insert is the 20x20mm firm low density.

2 different sponge insert sizes available:

  • 30x30mm - Soft / higher density
  • 20x20mm - Firm / lower density.


Neurozapper Original design patent pending 2015

Neurozapper sponge electrode Original system patent pending 2016